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Dick ‍‍‍K.
Seeley Lake MT‍‍‍

‍‍‍Furnaces always go out at inopportune times, on holidays or at night and this one was no different. But High Mountain was there for me the very next day and made my experience as b‍‍‍earable as possible. I'd recommend them to anyone and in fact I have.

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Ron ‍‍‍C.‍‍‍‍

‍‍   Seele‍‍‍y Lake MT

They know their beans. The best local option in my opinion. Saves paying mileage from elsewher‍‍‍e



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Kim ‍‍‍S.
‍‍‍Wingate by Windham Mi‍‍‍ssoula MT

‍‍‍We have had a long standing relationship with the team from High Mountain HVAC.  They are always quick to respond to our needs, ‍‍‍and they take the time to find the best solution to any problem we have, rather than throwing a band-aid on that will need attention later.  As a bonus, they are among the most pleasant service technicians we have ever worked with.  We highly recommend their services!