‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Prevent‍‍‍ative Maintenance


5 Reasons You Should Have an HVAC Maintenance Program

1) Inspections can catch aging parts before they break

   Regular maintenance gives technicians a chance to inspect a unit since they generally have to dismantle a unit to a certain degree to properly clean the equipment.

2) Cleaning/replacing filters prevents air constriction and makes motors and fans last longer.

   One of the most common emergency repairs is replacing a blower motor or fan. When filters get dirty, airflow becomes more and more restricted in  unit which causes the blower or fan to work harder than it was designed to work. Failure of this part can be very pricey and can cause a unit to be down for an extended period of time if factory order parts are not readily available.

3) Regularly attending to small repairs can prevent emergency repairs

    For example lets say a technician opens up a furnace for cleaning and notes that there is a weak wire causing a poor electrical connection. In a few minutes he is able to replace this wire which just prevented any number of components (depending on what that wire was connected to) from failing you during the heating season. Every Montanan knows that if a furnace is going down, it's when the snow is deepest and on a Saturday night.

4) Preventing emergency repairs can prevent catastrophic equipment failure.

    While no one can predict when a piece of equipment will fail, regular maintenance can prevent smaller problems from becoming bigger ones. That weak wire from the previous example could have been connected to a sensor or safety feature that shuts down the furnace when it gets too hot.

5) Maintenance programs are a regular, predictable cost which can help your budget

      With options to pay monthly, yearly, or per visit, preventative maintenance is much better for your budget than waiting for your equipment to fail. ‍‍‍‍‍‍